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Gabby and Adam have been on some pretty epic adventures together, so when they reached out to me to help capture hiking engagement photos in the White Mountains, I immediately knew the ideal spot to highlight their adventurous spirits that their relationship represented so well! Feel free to skip to what you need below! Best Time […]

New Hampshire Elopement

Isa and Josh decided they wanted to have the best of both worlds and have a super intimate morning together, but then spend the rest of the day with their friends and family! Their biggest requests were to have a fun, simple, and beautiful wedding day that was all about spending time with each other and those that they love. We started brainstorming on the best way to make all of this happen, and it turned out absolutely perfect! Keep reading to see I+J’s most perfect wedding day in the White Mountains.

Its no secret that the Seacoast is an amazing photography location. I love this area not only because this is my home, but because it is FULL of beautiful and picturesque spots. New Hampshire and Maine have such a variety of scenery and landscapes that just never gets old.

New Hampshire Photography Location